is one of the largest hat stores. It started its operation in 2015, having as a background a long history of hat commerce starting in 1949. In May of 2018, releases its new e-commerce platform bettering the buyer’s experience.

Our Story Responding to the market’s growing needs with respect to its history, invests and improves significantly the characteristics of its operation, for example:

  • Developing a modern online platform with advanced functions and speed, making browsing and purchasing a pleasant and quick experience, even for users unfamiliar with electronic stores.
  • Applying and observing the strictest standards and technologies that govern international e-commerce, in order to achieve complete security of transactions.
  • Offering a huge variety of hat products, in notably competitive prices.
  • Boosting a continuous enrichment of its product range with more models in more categories.
  • Having an accurate and complete reference for each product’s characteristics, correctly guiding the users in their choices.
  • Offering multiple shipping and payment options, so that the customers can choose the most advantageous for them.
  • Detailed updating in every step of the purchasing process, up to the final delivery of the product.
  • Operating a call center for orders through telephone, as well as providing information (+30 211 189 4 189). features the most popular and beloved brands for hat lovers like Kangol, Cayler & Sons, Bailey, Betmar, Pilima, and Karfil, and offers a huge variety of high-quality items like jokey hats, flat caps, trilbies, Panama hats, berets, sun hats, fedoras, outdoor hats, sports hats, etc.

Our Story’s lifespan might be short yet, but its history starts decades earlier.

In 1949, Panos N. Karachalios founded in “Markato” of Patras, in Ermou street, the P. Karachalios company, which has been active in the textiles trading industry for many years with great success. In 1965, he comes to Athens and in the shop on Agias Irinis road, with a large team of trained seamstresses, who starting from the textiles he traded, created patterns for hats. Soon, the great taste and quality of his creations impress enough to allow him to establish a wide network of wholesale trade partners. His son Christos and his grandsons Ioannis and Panos Karachalios took the reins and lead the company under the corporate name of Karfil Hats, in new routes, keeping the company headquarters the same.

Today, KARFIL sells more than 400,000 hats every year to commercial shops in Greece like ATTICA and Hondos Center, to companies like Bergmann Kord and The Mart,  to Olympus Plaza, SKLAVENITIS group as well as luxurious hotels like Nammos, Super Paradise, Mammon, Costa Navarino, and Aldemar Royal Mare.


Our Story
In 2015, KARFIL enters a new orbit. The grandson Ioannis Karachalios founds and ushers KARFIL into the age of electronic commerce, and the retail market.

From its founding, follows a systematic approach of dynamic growth, offering a high-quality purchasing experience and support, having as a foundation deep respect to the customer and his needs.

With a team of specialized partners in the e-commerce industry, but also with the 70-year-long experience in the hat market, hopes to be the first choice of e-shop for the hat lovers, keeping a high level of trustworthiness, quality, and consistency, to partners, suppliers, and buyers.

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