• Telephone Barclay Trilby | Kangol®

    Color: Winter Moss 49.90

    The Telephone Barclay Trilby by Kangol is a classic wool felt trilby featuring a beautiful tonal embroidery. The trilby features a 2 5/8" brim with a pinch front crown that…

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  • Sawyer | Betmar®

    Color: Black 63.90

    The Sawyer Fedora has a pinched crown and medium size brim. It's proudly made in America. This ladies fedora is trimmed with a grosgrain band that is looped in center…

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  • Tessa | Betmar®

    Color: Black 79.90

    The Betmar Tessa Fedora is a floppy wide brim fedora made with LiteFelt® wool that is water repellent and shape retentive. This intriguing autumn and winter style has a faux…

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  • Izette II | Betmar®

    Color: Black 82.90

    The American Made Betmar Izette II is an all wool felt classic fedora with a feminine twist. Exaggerated ladies fedoras are trending in the fashion world! The Izette II has…

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  • Busken | Bailey®

    Color: Black 103.90

    The Busken by Bailey of Hollywood is a Polished Wool Felt fedora featuring a classic long teardrop crown and medium brim. The Busken is finished with a grosgrain band and…

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  • Nelles | Bailey®

    Color: Pale Olive 87.90

    The Nelles is crafted out of our water repellent, shape retentive LiteFelt® body. It features a low teardrop crown and a 2.5" turndown brim. It is finished with a two…

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  • Powley | Bailey®

    Color: Dusk 89.90

    The Powley is crafted out of our signature shape retentive, water repellant LiteFelt® body. It features a long teardrop crown and medium snap brim. The Powley is finished with a…

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  • Steers | Bailey®

    Color: Caramel 78.90

    The Steers is the LiteFelt ® hat that is flattering to every face shape. You have an effortless yet stylish look with the low profile pinch front crown and casual…

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  • Piston | Bailey®

    Color: Caramel 49.90

    Piston is a Teardrop Crown paired with a wide 3 1/4" Brim. This hat is blocked out of a soft Wool Felt and trimmed with a vegan leather bolo cord…

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  • Stedman| Bailey®

    Color: Henna 116.90

    hether your weekends are spent in the countryside or traversing through the city, the Stedman by Bailey is the perfect hat for your journey. It constructed of 100% wool that…

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  • Darron | Bailey®

    Color: Black, Caramel 74.90

    The Darron features our telescope crown and a stingy snap brim. It's crafted out of our signature shape retentive, water repellent LiteFelt® body. The Darron is trimmed with a Japanese…

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  • Wynn | Bailey®

    Color: Black, Pale Olive 99.90

    The Bailey of Hollywood Wynn is made from LiteFelt®, a treated wool that is water repellent, durable, and excellent at retaining its shape. The Wynn LiteFelt® Fedora has a stingy…

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  • Briar | Bailey®

    Color: Pale Olive 75.00

    Carefully crafted in the USA, the functional and fun Bailey of Hollywood Briar is the perfect fall and winter fedora. Ideal to wear during rain, light snow, sleet, or hail,…

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  • Ivan | Bailey®

    Color: Caramel 129.90

    Ivan by Bailey of Hollywood is a beautiful Elite Stiffened fedora featuring a center dent crown and a 3" stiff brim with a curled back edge. Ivan is accented with…

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  • Bartham | Bailey®

    Color: Chestnut Twill 129.90

    The Bailey of Hollywood Bartham is a classic Pinch Front Crown paired with a 2 7/8" Brim. It's blocked out of Baileys Elite Stiffened Finish body and trimmed with a…

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  • Delmar| Bailey®

    Color: Dusk 132.90

    The Bailey of Hollywood Delmark is a vintage inspired Raised Front Teardrop Crown Fedora paired with a 2 7/8" Brim. It's blocked out of Baileys Elite Stiffened Finish body and…

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  • Kangol | Baron Trilby..

    Color: Black, Yellow 49.90

    Κarfil Hats® welcomes the new season with a fascinating collection of hats, giving a strong emphasis in aesthetics and quality. The Baron Trilby is one more beautiful trilby hat made…

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